Our mission is to bring forth a system of prediction of that is capable of alerting investors ahead of time of when a bull or bear market is imminent.


Our Mission

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Our cause is to become an entity that serves as an informational guide into the market that will later segue into a funding operation for Universal Basic Income.


Equity Research Stay tuned and check out the yearly assessment for 2017. 



The Dowcast


   Using weather symbols to represent which

       direction a stock or index will move.

Creating a strategy to fund Universal Income

Through successful quantitative analysis, The Dowcast seeks to zero in on identifying stock market trends. With the potential for creating a system of prediction similar to the way our weather is predicted, the Dowcast attempts to provide high quality Stock Market analysis that could lead to funding Universal Basic Income.

​​The Dowcast 

      Alpha Forecasting


For more than 5 years, I have devoted much energy to try and understand the markets; the runs, the dips, the bears, the bulls, and the corrections. I have created this website as a motivational and informational tool in bringing awareness to micro and macro trends in the stock market.