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  Crypto Backing

The biggest drawback of Bitcoin is that it is not backed by anything. Well, that all changes. All crypto-currencies are now backed by the predictive algorithm of the Dowcast. A Gold Mining company based in Africa called Asanko Gold Inc will be forecasted by the Dowcast on a daily basis and Cryptocurrency's value will derive from the accuracy of those predictions. The predictions will be laid out using weather icons as indication of either a predicted rise or fall in the stock price of Asanko Gold Inc. Successful prediction(More days correct than more days incorrect over a 5 day period) results in the creation of a 5 day Future Forecast. Future forecasts can be redeemed by anyone who owns Crypto-currencies and those redeemable future forecasts will be based on the same algorithm that predicts the price of Asanko Gold Inc. Here is the Dowcast for Asanko Gold inc http://www.thedowcast.com/the-dowcast.html