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Anthony Peter Moore's brief analysis and commentary on the Dow Jones for

the month of August 2017 is posted below.

Here we are in August and I expect the Dow Jones to become bearish from now until August 27th, followed by a brief gain lasting until the 31st. Investors will become jittery as chaos in the White House has taken full swing with the resignation and departure of numerous cabinet members: first National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, followed by the Communications Director Sean Spicer, and most recently Chief of Staff Reince Preibus. Not to mention the brief 11 day tenure of Spicer's replacement, Anthony Scaramucci.  All of this has taken place at a time of global strain between the US and many different countries. Russia has recently called for the expulsion of 755 US Diplomats in response to US sanctions that President Trump is expected to sign off on. Iran has provoked hostilities with the US using very aggressive naval tactics in the Persian Gulf. And of course, N. Korea continues its nuclear capability expansion, testing missiles that could easily reach the US mainland. August is on average a bad month for the Dow Jones and that trend will likely continue in 2017 as investors try to digest the current state of affairs. The White House investigation into the nature of Trump and his campaign staff's contact with the Russians during the 2016 election will become more intense in August, leaving investors doubtful as to what the future of the administration holds. Bond Yields will experience some reduction this month as money available from increased selling in the stock market will move into Treasury Bonds, driving the yields lower. The Dow Jones finished July bullish and should start moving again later on in the year, but for now provisions should be made for a very rainy August.