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Anthony Peter Moore's brief analysis and commentary on the Dow Jones for

the month of October 2017 is posted below.

In September, the market finished the last 3 days in the green...as predicted by the Equity research article. Those gains will continue until October 8th. The previous month was marred by threats from N. Korea and some surprising upswings early in the month. My Equity Research stated in the "September" article that October would be filled with gains, however, after careful research and quantitative analysis, we have decided to take a different stance on October and predict that the early phase of a market correction will be in play starting October 8th. The Stock Market will finally meet some resistance because the date marks off a risky time to be in the market. The Dow Jones will produce some significant downswings from October 8th to the end of the month while taking a final gasp for air during a very brief upswing from the 18th to the 20th, to which afterward it will continue its downward spiral to finish the month in the red. Following a month of verbal back and forth from N. Korea and America, the U.S. military becomes very serious about taking military action in a series of preparatory moves to counter the nuclear intentions of the Kim Jung Un regime. October is normally considered a bad month for investors, and the fact that equities have been rising all year and due for some sort of correction makes it more likely that investors will display significant caution. Look for the short interest of different equities to rise along with short sellers finally being able to sleep at night without having to worry about covering their positions.