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On pg 510 in the PDF above, I put up a meter to visualize how the health spectrum operates. The idea is that if you're sick in one way, the solution would be to make yourself more at risk for the sickness at the opposite end of the spectrum. This means that there are cases where intake of things like junk food and alcohol is imperative and a possible cure for some ailments. There are even cases where illnesses like measles are used to treat cancer.  Yes... they have injected cancer patients with measles with positive results. Comprehensively it seems like Flu symptomatic illnesses directly oppose gastrointestinal illnesses with the symptoms and causes from one side (such as the Flu symptoms and causes) being a direct antagonist to the symptoms and causes of the other side(such as the Gastrointestinal symptoms and causes)

Starting on pg 521 of the PDF, the "side one" and "side two" is a good foundation of unlocking the mystery of health through a sort of philosophy and deep thought about opposing sides. One is basically taking all of the causes and symptoms of Flu related illnesses and putting them on one side and taking the Gastrointestinal symptoms and causes and putting them on the other. The hypothesis is that anything related to the causes and symptoms of side one can fight against anything related to the symptoms and causes of side two. In the PDF, "side one" encompasses Gastrointestinal and "side two" encompasses Flu related.

Tracking symptoms seems just as important as tracking viruses or perhaps attacking symptoms can automatically transfer to attacking the virus itself. Each case is not cut and dry, but understanding the opposing sides can help make sense of why symptoms change throughout the course of certain ailments. Keeping track of this pendulum can help one devise proper medical protocols, making timing an important key in administering medicine.

So if we go to page 533- 534 of the Chapter, we see the final layout of the side one(gastrointestinal) and side two(flu) of health as copied and pasted below:

In the case of what is happening with the coronavirus in China, we can apply the concepts accordingly. Based on what is assessed so far, the coronavirus is aligned with flu symptoms and based on that, would go on the 'side two' of health as laid out above. According to the CDC, the symptoms of the coronavirus are:

runny nose
sore throat
a general feeling of being unwell

This would imply, according to the hypothesis, that everything on 'side one' as shown above could fight the coronavirus, while everything on side 2 would actually strengthen the coronavirus illness and exacerbate symptoms. A good start would be looking into vitamin E(which is on "side one") as a possible way to fight the coronavirus.

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In chapter 27 of Ares Le Mandat as shown in the PDF above, I mention how important it is to look at symptoms and at the same time, understand how making oneself sicker in one way is actually making oneself healthier or less sick in another. Also, one cannot view the flu symptoms from one virus as different from flu symptoms that result from another virus.