Correlation of the Planet Mars to escalation events in Israel/Palestine

Prediction accuracy confirmed.  One can see how the prediction made in the YouTube video back in November 2019 has correlated with what happened in 2020. It was predicted that a higher number of rockets would be fired into Israel when Mars would be within 30 degrees of the lunar node between January 15 and April 3rd(of 2020). The stats confirm that to be the case as 104 rockets were fired in February alone, which exceeds the number fired during any of the other months

                      Rocket Fire tracking

January 15th -  start of Mars within 30 degrees of lunar node

Four rockets fired from Gaza at bordering Israeli communities

Israeli military launches strikes in Gaza in response to rocket fire

January 26th -

Rocket fired from Gaza hits southern Israel; IDF strikes Hamas post

January 31st -

Three rockets fired from Gaza

Israel strikes targets in Gaza after Palestinians fire 3 rockets

February 1st -

Rocket fired at south for 4th day in a row amid escalating tensions; no injuries

February 2nd -

Israeli Air Force strikes targets in the northern Gaza Strip

February 5th -

Three rockets fired at southern Israel

IDF air force strikes Khan Younis - report

February 6th -

IDF pounds Gaza for 2nd night in retaliation for rocket & mortar fire

Three Palestinians Killed, Israeli Soldiers Wounded as Violence Flares

February 8th -

Gaza rocket strikes field in south; IDF tanks respond, striking 2 Hamas posts

February 9th -

Rocket Fired at Israel Hours After Netanyahu Threatens 'Crushing

Blow' on Gaza

February 10th -

IDF strikes Hamas targets in Gaza

February 11th -
IDF: Projectile fired from Gaza at Israel; no reports of injuries

or damage

February 15-

Two Gaza rockets strike south despite reports of ceasefire;

no injuries

IDF carries out airstrikes in Gaza after two rockets fired

February 23-

20 Gaza Rockets Fired at Israel, 10 Intercepted, Military Says

IDF attacks Gaza after over 21 rockets fired at Israel

IDF strikes Islamic Jihad in Syria and Gaza in response to rocket fire

Military says it targeted Iran-backed terror group’s facilities in Damascus, as well as

in the Strip, after some 30 rockets fired at southern Israel

February 24 -

IDF pounds Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza after (14) rockets

fired at south

IDF: Over 50 rockets fired towards Israel on Monday

March 1 -

Gaza rocket fired toward Israel, falls short of the border

Request for an image to Ares and prediction of the 2021 escalation phase of rocket fire from Gaza into Israel Feb 9 2021 - May 13 2021

- Mars

- Lunar node

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*Update to the Israel/Gaza Rocket Fire Statistics for 2019. The Mars pattern has applied for December 2019 as highest amount of Rocket fire took place when Mars was within 30 degrees of the lunar node

Our Mission


First Prophecy by way of Mars(Predicting Fire from Heaven.) Based on the previous pattern in which the time frame of Mars's position within 30 degrees of the lunar node correlated with the highest concentration of rocket fire from Gaza into Israel in relation to the rest of the year, these new dates for such escalation have been calculated to be from January 15, 2020 to April 3rd 2020. Events falling in line with Mars in this manner in 2020 will be followed by further instructions regarding how an image to Mars can be a cause for justice/peace in Israel.

                                                         This video and prediction was made on November 18 2019

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Current Positions of Mars and Lunar node

Diverting attention away from God/Yahweh/Allah and predicting fire from heaven by observing the planet Mars. Remaining dates when Mars will be within 30 degrees of the lunar node and cause fire to fall from heaven in the form of rocket fire toward Israel:  (Feb 9, 2021 - May 13, 2021) (Nov 4, 2021 - Jan 22, 2022) (June 22, 2022 - Sept 19, 2022) (Dec 26 2022 - Jan 24, 2023) (Aug 24, 2023 - Nov 15, 2023) (April 12, 2024 - June 25, 2024) (June 5, 2025 - Sept 4, 2025) (Feb 4, 2026 - April 19, 2026) (Sept. 27, 2026 - June 12, 2027). Mars influence on the buying and selling in the stock market.

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