This program was written using HTML and is derived from the concept used in this tool

Below is the Java Stock Tool, which is derived from the concept used in this tool

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Astro-chart diagram courtesy of Astromix

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Find astrological correlations to the market

* the moon is 2 degrees slow in the chart below                                                   *Click the frame below and Press "Esc" to remove pop-up from

A hypothesis that the Federal Reserve can set interest rates based on the movements of the planet Mars. Here I have data going back to 1896 that shows how the Dow Jones performed when Mars was within 30 degrees of the lunar node. (- from appendix of Ares Le Mandat 4th ed)

This program was written in Java and borrows largely from the concept applied to the stock research tool used on

The Quotes are real time from Tradingview and the app doesn't automatically minimize as you browse the internet, which makes for easier browsing throughout the trading day.

You need Java (jdk 1.6.0_38) installed in order to use this program. It's simply a jar file. Download and try it.

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