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The Mission is as follows:

To gather everyone's attention to the planet Mars and its influence on humanity. This will be established by way of a 3 step process:

1. Establish credibility by demonstrating Mars's correlation to human events by laying out the data with respect to how Mars shows up within 30 degrees of the lunar node when rocket fire into Israel is at its highest in relation to the amount that takes place each month throughout the rest of the year Accomplished--> http://www.thedowcast.com/israel-gaza---predicting-fire-from-heaven.html

2. As a way to minimize Mars's influence as a harbinger of global war, I would encourage the inhabitants of the earth to build an image of Mars by consolidating the gods of war - Ares, Mars, and Horus the Red into one statue. Ares was wounded and healed as so were many gods of war. This aspect of many gods of war can be embedded into what we would refer to as a beast. The logic behind this building of an image stems from the Book of Numbers when Moses ordered the Israelites to build a bronze serpent for observation as a way to keep themselves from being killed by the fiery serpents who were biting them as they wandered in the wilderness. Likewise, a statue of Mars/Ares/Horus being built is following that same logic that presents the idea that building something and observing it would mitigate/eliminate the dangers arising from what it represents.  This is not a call for worship, but just as the bronze serpent caused many Israelites to eventually worship it, the same would likely occur here with an image to Mars/Ares/Horus. Accomplished--> http://www.thedowcast.com/israel-gaza---predicting-fire-from-heaven.html

3. Affirm the global economic algorithms and Mars 360 system as laid out in Ares Le Mandat and allow the Mars phenomenon to take on a life of its own. Accomplished--> https://zenodo.org/record/4415709#.X_SJW9hKjIU

Mission Accomplished