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Mars 360 social/financial theory

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The Mars 360 social/financial theory takes aspects related to an individual's astrological Mars placement(according to the framework laid out in "Ares Le Mandat") being displayed within a social environment and combines it with the aspect of buying and selling within that framework. Its similar to how private currencies are issued within local communities to encourage spending and economic development within that community. As a contingency plan in the case of obtuseness toward the contents and information provided in Ares Le Mandat, a small community would develop as a scientific study. Within that community, each person would calculate where Mars was at the time they were born according to the "Ares Le Mandat" framework which divides the astrology chart into 6 sections(see chapter 23 pg 413). The community would then see to it that the individual's rights under that influence are not violated....meaning that the characteristics associated with the negative Mars influence (according to where it's positioned in the chart) would be allowed some healthy expression(healthy meaning enough to where humans can still co-exist). Mars is responsible for negative habits dispersed amongst the 6 possible positions:  1. poor face- to-face communication/interaction 2. hyperactivity/reckless thoughts 3. debauchery 4. hyper-opinionated/cultural bias 5. laziness/disobedience and 6. introversion/sillyness. The reason the idea of an outward display of Mars's position in an individual's birthchart is presented is because it would precipitate "understanding," allowing people to prepare or know in advance how to deal with the individual and vice versa without having to go through any extended learning phase, which oftentimes gives rise to contention.

The commercial aspect allows for a dynamic that would encourage buying and selling amongst those who carry some outward form of insignia related to Mars's position at the time they were born, or simply has Mars indicated on their driver's license.  This doesn't necessitate issuing a private currency, but due to discrimination laws, issuing a private currency within a local community would be a more feasible legal option. Another possibility is the use of cryptocurrency within this community framework. As of January 2020, Facebook Inc announced its cryptocurrency initiative called Libra, which would be a "stablecoin" backed by various legal tender currencies, which mitigates the wild price fluctuation that currently afflict regular bitcoin/cryptocurrency. This announcement garnered a great deal of opposition from the global financial community because it could undermine/disrupt the current global financial system. Many countries have openly stated that Libra would be outlawed from being used in their country. Other countries have proposed to directly fight the Libra by starting their own government backed stablecoin.  (Whats ironic is that Ares(Aries) is the polar opposite to Libra on the astrological wheel in position and definition.) Instead of an open decentralized blockchain network of miners to verify the cryptocurrency transactions, The Libra cryptocurrency blockchain would be managed by a private entity association, which gives even more rise to scrutiny. While the private association management of the Libra Blockchain garners much backlash, privatizing the entire initiative would have done Facebook a greater service because it would have followed the model that got them to where they are now, which was a model that catered to the small private college network before branching off into a more global presence. The Ares cryptocurrency would follow that old base model, which centered around the private community. An Ares Crypto Coin/Blockchain -- backed by a working model that supports the belief that the planets influence human nature -- could be used within communities of people who have the position of Mars in their birthchart outwardly indicated in some way.