​​The Dowcast 

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                                                 Mission Statement

The Dowcast is an equity forecasting website. It’s niche and marketing ploy is forecasting the movements of different equities on the website, 5 days a week, using weather icons (as they would be used at a news station during it’s meteorology report) to convey, in a metaphorical sense, where the stock will go on a given day. For example, the Dowcast will lay out graphics and animations similar to those used in a weather report and mark the 5 days of the week with the listed corresponding chosen stocks for the week(usually 3) with either a sunny icon, which indicates the prediction of a substantial rise in the stock price; a sunny and cloudy icon, which indicates the prediction of a modest rise in the stock price; a cloud and rain icon, which indicates the prediction of a modest drop in the stock price; or a cloud with lightning icon which indicates the prediction of a more substantial drop in the stock price. Successful prediction on consecutive days is looked up upon by the Dowcast as a catalyst for drawing public interest which can then be directed toward achieving sales of its digital newsletter priced at 1 dollar. Message boards and Social Media are its current avenues of promotion. Our main purpose is the development of a trade secret which contains the data points used to make an accurate prediction on where a stock or index price will go on a given day, week, month, year or years. The development of this trade secret over time will lead to a credibility, through accurate predictions, that will allow for the Dowcast to serve as the basis for continuously funding Universal Basic Income for all US citizens. Once the Dowcast has figured out the mystery of the stock market, its next step would be gathering the Chief Executive Officers from the top companies in the US to discuss the implementation of Universal Basic Income, or perhaps a viable algorithm to back crypto currencies. 

What we do is exactly this: We offer high quality analytical information based on technical and fundamental analysis of the stock market in order to gain attention and inspire investors. Instead of just saying what the market will do, The Dowcast uses weather symbols to represent the predicted direction of the market on a given day.