Daily Physical Oil predictions for the remainder of 2018 for only $25.00 

The Dowcast does not give advice and should not be taken as such. It is for informational purposes only

Daily Physical Gold predictions for the remainder of 2018 for only $45.00

​​The Dowcast 

      Alpha Forecasting

    Crypto Backing

The biggest drawback of Cryptocurrencies is that they are not backed by anything. All crypto-currencies could possibly be backed by the predictive algorithm of the Dowcast. Something could be forecasted by the Dowcast algorithm on a daily basis and the accuracy of those predictions could be what is used in the future as something to back Cryptocurrencies. The predictions would be laid out using weather icons as indication of either a predicted rise or fall in the price of whatever. Successful prediction(More days correct than more days incorrect over a 5 day period) results in the creation of a 5 day Future Forecast. Future forecasts might serve as something that could be redeemed by anyone who owns Cryptocurrencies and those redeemable future forecasts would be based on the same algorithm that predicts the price of whatever it is the algorithm is predicting.