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Ebola Symptom Assesment below

My philosophy on physical health is that the body is maintained by endless confrontations and conflict between vitamins and minerals. When one over powers another for the same receptor site for too long, illness results. As long as the battle remains even, health is the result. Is this the complete story of health? No. Another aspect of physical health is the presence of outside invaders(viruses) and this is when things become a bit more complex. When something foreign enters the body, and symptoms result, the solution is not always as simple as balancing out a vitamin or mineral deficiency resulting from one vitamin or mineral overpowering another. Imagine all the vitamins and minerals that allow the body to function. Now imagine that half of these vitamins or minerals and their resulting health functions belong to one spectrum of health and the other half belong to another spectrum of health and that certain symptoms of one sickness are made worse or better when a vitamin or mineral from one spectrum enters the body and enhances the ability of that entire spectrum of vitamins and minerals from which it came..... while weakening the ability of vitamin and mineral absorption from the other spectrum....so that reducing one set of symptoms always makes another set of symptoms worse. A good analogy of the spectrums is WWII's Axis and Allied powers. The newly entered vitamin or mineral is always the strongest in terms of absorption by the body. Now while some outside invaders(viruses or germs) enable one set of vitamin and minerals to overpower another and are easily destroyed by simply taking in antagonist vitamins and minerals from the other spectrum and just correcting the deficiency, other viruses actually come in the body and attack both sides of the vitamin and mineral conflict. A good analogy is Japan attacking China while the Nationalists and the Communists where fighting each other around WW2. Now you have a situation to where you have make a choice on which side to empower first to weaken the virus. Doing so would weaken or deplete another set of vitamins and minerals and further exacerbate a part of the negative symptoms resulting from the virus, but the act of enabling one side injures the virus and reduces one set of symptoms. Now that the virus is injured, it cannot be destroyed until the other set of vitamins and minerals, which are being suppressed due the presence of the antagonist vitamins and minerals fighting the virus, gets its turn to take a shot at the virus. Now, in their turn to fight the virus, their presence then suppresses the previous set of vitamin and mineral spectrum that went at the virus first. This helps eliminate some symptoms arising from earlier suppression, but brings back symptoms that arise from suppressing the vitamins and minerals which first fought the virus but were reduced when that first set of vitamin and minerals were enabled for absorption by the body. .Now the virus is further injured, but the body is still suffering symptoms from the deficiency. Once the virus is eliminated by going back and forth between enabling antagonist spectrums to fight the virus, the original conflict of vitamin and mineral spectrums eventually returns and the need to simply correct the deficiency through vitamin or mineral intake results without the presence of the virus.      

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هل هناك علاج للسالمونيلا

هل هناك علاج للبكتيريا القولونية
هل هناك علاج للإيبولا

هل هناك علاج لنيل النيل الغربي؟

هل هناك علاج للسرطان

هل هناك علاج للفيروس

ما هو الأطول الذي يمكن أن تعيش فيه مع الإيدز

Anthony's Health Theory

Is daar 'n geneesmiddel vir Ebola

is daar 'n geneesmiddel vir E Coli

Is daar 'n geneesmiddel vir Salmonella

is daar 'n geneesmiddel vir die Wes-Nyl

is daar 'n geneesmiddel vir kanker

is daar 'n geneesmiddel vir vigs-MIV

Wat is die langste wat jy kan met vigs leef

Unofficial Ebola Virus research and observations

The Ebola Virus has spread rapidly throughout the republic of the Congo. The Government over there has approved experimental treatments against the virus. There has been some progress with those new treatments, but the virus continues to spread. I am writing this based on my own observations to help with the research involved in finding a cure for this. These observations are based on my personal experience and knowledge of vitamins and minerals and how they affect my body. I can't guarantee that this will translate, but can only hope it will correlate with current research and hopefully help in the process

This description of Ebola virus symptoms is taken from the Mayoclinic website https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/ebola-virus/symptoms-causes/syc-20356258

What I write below is not advice on what to take to cure Ebola but an explanation on how my experience with taking vitamins and minerals has helped with certain symptoms I experienced in the past from different illnesses. This research is based on the premise that diseases are present because of certain vitamin/mineral imbalances and that viruses/cancers/infections push these imbalances further by needing more of a certain type or types of vitamins/minerals to survive.....which leads to the body retaining one type of vitamin/mineral and completely eliminating the antagonist vitamin/mineral competing for the same receptor site......leading an overload or takeover of a vitamin/mineral which in itself causes disease and destroys the balance/conflict needed for the body to survive. 

This is from the Mayo Clinic about Ebola Symptoms. Next to the symptoms will be how my experience with taking different vitamins has alleviated or created the symptoms mentioned that I have had at different times in my life. Hopefully a conclusion can be drawn.


Signs and symptoms typically begin abruptly within five to 10 days of infection with Ebola or Marburg virus. Early signs and symptoms include:

Vitamin A and C has seemed to make a fever worse once a fever is present in the body.                                            Vitamin E seems to alleviates symptoms of a fever once a fever is present in the body                                              Vitamin E seems to antagonize both Vitamin A and C.

Severe headache    Vitamin C seems to make headache symptoms worse

Joint and muscle     Vitamin K has seems to help with joint pain. Vitamin K and Vitamin E are antagonistic to each  aches                      other. 


Magnesium seems to make the body cooler, while Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Calcium make                                      me feel warmer than usual. Vitamin D and Calcium antagonize Magnesium

Magnesium seems to cause weakness and tiredness, while vitamin D, E,and Calcium seems                                   to alleviate the symptoms of weakness

Over time, symptoms become increasingly severe and may include:

Nausea and           
Vitamin C and Magnesium seems to help with both nausea and vomiting once those 

vomiting                  symptoms are present. Vitamin D, E, and Calcium seem to make those symptoms worse 

Magnesium seems to help with Diarrhea. Ironic because too much magnesium is known to                                       cause it. 

Red eyes               
 Not sure        
Raised rash

Chest pain and       
Vitamin A seems to further cough and chest pain


Sore throat               Vitamin A seems to cause some throat issues.

Stomach pain         
Too much Vitamin E seems to cause stomach pain

Severe weight         
Vitamin C and Magnesium seems to cause a loss of muscle mass due to antagonizing Calcium

loss                          Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B12. Vitamin A is also antagonistic to Vitamin D                                                     and Calcium and Zinc.

Vitamin E seems to further bruising. Vitamin E antagonizes Vitamin K

Bleeding, usually     
Obviously Vitamin K, Calcium is no longer functional in the body. These are both clotting         

from the eyes,          agents.


when close to


possible bleeding

from the ears, nose

and rectum
Internal bleeding        


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Hep A Outbreak 2018 Utah Massachusetts Hepatitis A

Keeping track of the 2018 Salmonella Outbreak, E Coli outbreak, and Hep A outbreak which causes diarrea or diarreah is very important. While not currently at the 'crisis' level, Salmonella and other diseases that threaten Public Health should be monitored very carefully at the moment...just in case it does reach a critical point. Below is a link to the Center for Disease Control website, which has alerts for Salmonella outbreaks that have occurred thus far in 2018.


Water Contamination is another area of Public health that needs to be carefully monitored. Below is a link to the CDC website page that gives information on the ways water contamination can occur. 


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