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"Here is a call for wisdom: Let the one who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and that number is six hundred sixty-six." The algorithms ultimately seek to solve the riddle of the beast (666) which then leads to a greater understanding of what the seven seals mean as Christ revealed it to John of Patmos. Christ has opened the seals and the time has come for humanity to more fully understand it. It is written in the Bible that Christ will return when the falling away has taken place, and the man of sin (who caused this falling away due to his mysterious presence in the world from the beginning) is finally revealed.  Calculation of the number of the beast is what reveals and destroys this immortal Antichrist or Man of sin. It will not be done by force of arms, but strictly by Christ's revelation and our understanding of it. Through understanding the Word of God revealed by Christ and written down by John of Patmos in Revelations, humanity can no longer be held captive by the the man of sin who has operated secretly in the world from the beginning and led mankind astray throughout the ages. Understanding the riddle of 666 and the seven seals brings humanity to its next stage of existence. This new perspective of knowledge will permeate the earth and serve as a unified foundation of peace for all of its inhabitants for many ages. The mystery of the Seven Seals as written in the Christian Bible, The Jewish Kabbalah, and Islamic mysticism serve as an intersecting point for Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. While the fundamental differences shall remain, all 3 faiths will come to a unified consensus on the meaning of the seven seals which will not violate the basic principles of any of the faiths.

The reason unlocking 666 works for humanity is because it gives each person a very important understanding of how humans are wired to operate in the physical realm. This awareness, much like in the way technology makes our daily life less physically strenuous, will make human social existence less complicated and less strenuous. Before humans can adopt and integrate 666 into their daily lives, science will have to confirm its significance in the scientific realm. How will they do this? Well they've nearly done it before as this has already been touched upon in the scientific community. The difference now is that there is more information regarding it. Once science confirms that the meaning of 666 has significant scientific value, along with each major religious denomination agreeing on the understanding of it and its relation to the the seven seals, humans can then form a program to adopt and integrate this formula into their daily lives. Now, there is one problem. In order for it work in a very efficienct way, some kind of mark would be required so that humans can identify each other and the nature of the person they are dealing with at any given time. This is key in getting this formula to solve many social problems around the world. The problem is that a mark is mentioned as something bad in scripture, as some form of homage to the beast, and this, for all intents and purposes, would be a mark of the beast but not a form of homage at all....actually quite the opposite. The mark referred to in Scripture is a mark that humans already had for ages, but were not aware of and gave allowance to it by their ignorance of it. A visible mark is something that would hold back the beast's influence on humanity by allowing humans to be able to observe and adjust in the presence of it's influence on humans. Without this, humanity would continue in ignorance and eventually destroy itself.

Another aspect of 666 is how it changes the way the law and morality is applied to human beings. At this present time, its fair to say that each person who exhibits a certain characteristic is held accountable, socially or morally, exactly as anyone else who exhibits those same characteristics. The application of 666 will modify how a person is held accountable. It won't be a license to exhibit certain characteristics that the person is prone to committing. It will be more of an open understanding into his particular natural tendencies according to where the person is marked. An example would be seeing someone in public marked in a certain way and knowing before ever approaching him, what his natural tendency as a person would be..... that would fall short of the normal societal standard for that particular characteristic. That person, because he is marked as deficient in that quality, will be given a little more leeway by both society and the law as it applies to how the lack of that certain quality is judged. Another analogy is how a track runner's time in a certain event is often judged by the wind. If he sets a world record, but his time in the event was found to be aided by the wind, he isn't given credit for breaking the official world record. Think of the mark as running a time in an event hindered by the wind.    

שבעה חותמות

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